Cloud AI Connects To The Future

CloudMinds Introduction

CloudMinds Robotics is the world-leading creator, producer and operator of cloud robot systems and services. Founded in 2015, CloudMinds has created a unique Cloud Robot Architecture based on the vision of “Cloud AI Connecting To The Future”, and launched the HARIX Cloud AI Robot Operating System and end-to-end commercial services in 2017. With the mission of “Operating Smart Robots for People”, the company aims to lead the cutting-edge technologies development for building a humanoid robot for enterprise and families. Our cloud robots will help people to do dull, dirty, dangerous or demeaning (4D) work, and thus making people’s lives more enjoyable.

Core Technologies & Products

CloudMinds has developed the full stack technologies for building and operating cloud robots which are powered by the "Cloud AI Brain", the “Secure Nerve Network “, and “Robot Devices”. Our “Cloud AI Brain” enables the robots to have self-learning, continuous evolution and growth of robot intelligence via cloud computing, deep-learning, deep reinforcement learning, multi-modal AI, and digital twin technologies. Many types of service robots (such as reception, delivery, patrol, cleaning robot, and etc.) are developed and connected to our cloud brain via robot controller units (RCU) over secure network. With the “Open and Sharing” ideal, CloudMinds has launched an Open Cloud Robot AI platform consisting of HARIX World (“Robot Metaverse”) , HARIX OS and RDK (Robot Development Kits) for robot developers for continuous enhancement on Robotic AI and expansion of robot applications.

In addition, CloudMinds has pioneered the development of smart robot joint technology and product called Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA) which is a fundamental building block of robot body. Powered by real-time operating system and CPU, with the integration of motor, reducer, sensors, control algorithms in one integrated system, the SCA has revolutionized the way we build smart robots. It solves the limitation of non-standard form factor, lack of integration, high cost, and lack of standard interfaces on robot joints. SCA will accelerates the ecosystem development of robot hardware devices.

As the leader in cloud robot innovation, CloudMinds has more than 1633 patent applications by Dec.2022, ranking as the first in the world in the field of cloud robotics.

Bastion for Intelligent Robot

Our cloud robot products and solutions have been widely used in smart city, community services, elderly care, smart agriculture, smart education, smart health and other fields, serving thousands of customers, partners, developers and universities.
Headquartered in Shanghai, CloudMinds has branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hefei, Zhuhai, and Hongkong. Leveraging the city scale and diversified application scenarios around Shanghai, CloudMinds is to Integrate resources and capabilities of global industrial chain to build world-class bastion for “Intelligent Robot Industry” and continuously promote cloud robot ecosystem development.

  • Vision

    Cloud AI is the Future of Intelligent World

  • Mission

    Operating Smart Robots for People

  • Core values

    Best in Innovation
    Customer First
    Proactive & Dependable
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