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Robots enter the greenhouse: CloudMinds’ picking robots help unmanned agriculture
2022-04-27 16:55:11

In the "14th Five-Year Plan", China clearly put forward the vision of basically realizing agricultural modernization by 2035, developing smart agriculture, and promoting the cultivation of varieties, quality improvement, brand building and standardized agricultural production. Agricultural development in China is in urgent need of intelligent equipment and robot products. As a cloud robot manufacturer and operator, relying on artificial intelligence, 5G, and robotics technology, CloudMinds is committed to creating applications for digitized, intelligent, and unmanned agricultural scenarios, improving the technological innovation of the agricultural industry, and using innovative agricultural Robotic intelligent equipment and advanced solutions to leverage and accelerate the integration of three industries in agriculture.


At present, the greenhouse is basically mechanized and automated, and only the picking operation still relies on manual labor. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the industrial greenhouse that optimally participates in photosynthesis far exceeds the carbon dioxide concentration in the normal outdoor environment, which is not suitable for long-term work by staff. Therefore, agricultural robots led by picking robots have become just in demand.

The world's first 5G cloud-based intelligent agricultural picking robot being developed by CloudMinds is based on the cloud brain HARIX and digital twin technology and can quickly and non-destructively complete picking and loading transfer operations. At the same time, intelligent greenhouses, agricultural robots and cloud control systems can operate for different application scenarios of greenhouses.


The 5G cloud intelligent agricultural picking robot will be mounted on a motion platform that can navigate autonomously and has a uniquely designed picking arm. The ends of the arm can be adapted to fixtures, electric scissors, fruit baskets and other tools. Combined with CloudMinds HARIX, which integrates intelligent cloud brain and robot control technology, it can realize fast, accurate, flexible and stable dual-arm collaborative operation.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a binocular depth camera for object recognition and positioning, and a depth camera at the end of the arm for precise positioning at close range, achieving six-way vision and accurate operation. Superb visual recognition ability can identify fruit types and fruit status. fruit coordinates, stalk position, and complete coordinate conversion.


In addition, according to the operation needs of different scenarios, CloudMinds has also created a variety of agricultural robots such as spraying and mowing. Among them, the spraying robot has solved the spraying operation of thousands of acres of sunshine rose vineyards and 10,000 acres of apple orchards in Suqian.

In the future, CloudMinds will be committed to promoting the production and manufacture of advanced digital agricultural equipment, to realize the "going hand in hand" of agriculture and modern manufacturing and help realize the leap-forward development of agricultural modernization.