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CloudMinds robots served nearly 10,000 people in Shanghai World Expo emergency shelter hospital before its closure
2022-03-25 17:17:36

On May 25th, the closing ceremony of the emergency shelter hospital of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center was held in the North Square of the World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. As one of the exemplary enterprises of robot anti-epidemic, CloudMinds was invited to participate, together with the Fujian Provincial Medical Team, Donghao Lansheng Group, Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and many other leaders witnessed the success of fighting the COVID epidemic.





As the first large-scale exhibition venue in Shanghai to receive the task of reconstruction, for the past two months, many medical teams had been working hard day and night to participate in medical treatment. Management and other departments make concerted efforts to ensure a stable and orderly interior and exterior of the shelter.

As a representative of the robot's anti-epidemic, CloudMinds robots participated in the operation of the Expo Fangcang shelter hospital from beginning to end, and is responsible for the deployment and operation of the smart shelter in the H2 Pavilion. The data shows that during the nearly 2 months of operation, various types of service robots have provided services for nearly 10,000 infected people and medical staff in the cabin under the unified dispatch of the digital twin command platform and achieved zero hospital impression and zero return.



"After 60 days, we finally ushered in the closure of the cabin. It is very gratifying to see that many patients have recovered and been discharged from the hospital." At the scene, Bing Wang, the co-founder of CloudMinds, said to reporters from The Pengpai News and other media: "Thank you for the support of all the leaders, CloudMinds has the opportunity to use the power of technology companies to deeply participate in the anti-epidemic of the Expo shelter, the exhibition center shelter, and many communities with the 'digital twin platform + a variety of robots'. It is also the first time to achieve such a large-scale rapid deployment and application of robots.”


Mr. Wang stated that in the early stage of the epidemic in 2020, CloudMinds delivered the "AI + medical" smart emergency shelter hospital solution in Wuchang Fangcai, which is the first smart emergency shelter hospital in the country to be put into actual combat. After two years of upgrade and iteration, this time, the overall delivery of the Shanghai World Expo smart cabin was completed within 24 hours, realizing a comprehensive upgrade of equipment, personnel, and services. The COVID epidemic is a huge challenge for many companies, but it is also a training ground. Under the background of adhering to the "dynamic clearing" and efficient coordination of epidemic prevention and control, robots powered by cloud intelligence have enormous potential in the fields of epidemic prevention, health care, and elderly care.

In addition to Shanghai, up to now, hundreds of robots from CloudMinds have assisted the construction of smart emergency shelters in more than 10 cities including Quanzhou, Hefei, Xiamen, Jilin, Jiashan, and Hangzhou. Technology powered by AI fights the epidemic, CloudMinds has always been on the journey to pursue excellence in AI and robotics technology.