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Focusing on the ecosystem of intelligent robots, the 2022 HARIX GDC is in full swing
2022-04-04 16:36:45

From March 31st to April 2nd, the "2022 CloudMinds Global Developers Conference (HARIX GDC)" hosted by CloudMinds (or Dada, sound: dá tà in Chinese) was held online for three consecutive days. HARIX, (or Hai Rui in Chinese), is the world's first multi-modal AI cloud robot intelligent service platform independently researched and developed by CloudMinds. Based on the spirit of "open source, open access, co-creation and sharing", CloudMinds aims to combine artificial intelligence, 5G and robotics industries through this conference to discuss HARIX OS cloud robot operating system, robot application development platform, intelligent flexible joints and Robot Metaverse and other cutting-edge technologies. CloudMinds along with its partners will jointly build the HARIX cloud robot ecosystem and promote the development of the intelligent robot industry in the direction of intelligent industrialization and industrial intelligence.

At the Robot Metaverse Summit Forum on the first day of the conference, Xiaoqing Huang, founder, chairman and CEO of CloudMinds, gave a keynote speech full of rich content and insights, including the definition of intelligent robots, commercialization, and future development of the robot industry ecosystem.  He discussed cloud robotics from multiple dimensions such as industrialization and industrialization cooperation, and the "Three Laws of Intelligent Robots", the integrated robot application development kit - HARIX RDK, and the cloud robot "XR-Plan Extreme" in details. Mr. Huang also shared "Robot Plan", Standardization, Scale and Industrialization of Smart Flexible Joint SCA Self-developed by CloudMinds, Robot Metaverse, HARIX World, and so on.1659602224564964.png

Huang Xiaoqing put forward that Cloud robot is the only way to develop intelligent robot in the future. In order to achieve the vision, CloudMinds has developed diversified core technologies of cloud robots and has realized the commercial application. The cloud robot operating system---HARIX OS based on the “cloud-network-terminal” architecture enables cloud robots to have various intelligence by scheduling various computing resources in the cloud, edge and terminal. HARIX (Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence with eXtreme reality) includes “artificial enhancement”, “multi-modal fusion AI” and “robot meta universe”. In this way, HARIX OS cloud robot operating system adopts digital twin technology to enable the evolving HARIX multi-modal AI and integrated human intelligence to cloud robots and develop end-to-end applications of robots efficiently.

Xiaoqing Huang proposed that cloud robots are the only way for future intelligent robots. In order to achieve the goal of cloud robots, CloudMinds has developed various core technologies of cloud robots, and has achieved success in commercial applications. The distributed cloud robot operating system-HARIX OS, based on the "cloud-network-terminal" architecture, can make cloud robots possess various intelligences by scheduling various computing resources in the cloud, edge and device. HARIX (Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence with eXtreme reality) includes "artificial augmentation", "multi-modal fusion AI" and "robot metaverse" and so on. Based on this, HARIX OS cloud robot operating system uses digital twin technology to continuously evolve HARIX multimodal AI and integrated human intelligence quickly empower cloud robots and efficiently develop end-to-end robotic applications.


A "robot metaverse" is constructed in the HARIX cloud brain, including a high-fidelity digital twin world that maps 1:1 with the physical world and several parallel twin worlds that can be used for continuous training, namely "HARIX World". HARIX World is an open UGC platform, involving countless practical robot working scenarios such as families, communities, cities, factories, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. in the future, including various items, tools, and all kinds of skills of robots can be endowed with artificial intelligence and finally realized by robots. Robots seem to be in a gamified scene in the HARIX world, completing tasks like a character in a game. As a game player, users can make judgments, inferences, predictions and decisions through "human intelligence" analysis of scene tasks, and issue instructions to robots, and robots can perform specific tasks through the ability of artificial intelligence. At the same time, HARIX World contains unlimited high-value synthetic data and valuable expert teaching data of human players, providing efficient and low-cost intensive training and fleet learning environment, and continuously improving machine intelligence, to realize "robot work, human play games, artificial intelligence as a plug-in" vision.

CloudMinds is committed to becoming the "architect of the cloud robot ecosystem", and in order to accelerate the formation of this ecosystem, CloudMinds has established an open source and open development platform based on HARIX OS. Through the release of the integrated robot application development kit - HARIX RDK, the establishment of a cloud robot developer community, and the virtual and physical XR-Lab open experimental platform, CloudMinds hopes to provide developers with a variety of shared resources, including more support, and promote the formation of a healthy development ecosystems of win-win cooperation between robot hardware manufacturers, artificial intelligence algorithm service providers, robot application developers, robot operators, and robot users.1659602279285817.png

At this conference, CloudMinds also invited Weimin Zhang, Secretary General of the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (AITISA), Junlan Feng, Chief Scientist of China Mobile Research Institute, Professor Xinyi Yu from Zhejiang University of Technology, and Dr. Jingcheng Pang from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Nanjing University. Experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, 5G and robotics conducted in-depth discussions on the "robot metaverse". Experts agreed that the metaverse is not just a virtual world, its significance and value lie in the interaction with the real world, enabling the development of the real economy and improving people's lives. Through the combination of virtual and real, revitalizing the stock value of the economy and creating the incremental value of the economy is the ultimate goal of developing the Metaverse industry.